5 Reasons To Holiday in Mount Martha This Summer

2018-11-22 01:42:33

5 Reasons To Holiday in Mount Martha This Summer

One of the best summer getaways is just a short drive from Melbourne. MOUNT MARTHA is an underrated gem on the Mornington Peninsula. With so many popular, bustling destinations, such as Sorrento, Blairgowrie and Rye, Mount Martha is the perfect destination if you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful summer escape.

Whether you are looking for an exciting outdoor adventure or a relaxing oasis, Mount Martha has just what you need. 

Here are 5 reasons to visit Mount Martha this Summer.

1. Peace and Tranquility

It’s hard to find a holiday destination that’s as beautiful and relaxing as Mount Martha. Unlike some other popular Mornington Peninsula destinations, Mt. Martha is a more quiet seaside town. Here you’ll find local eateries, shops, and scenic views. Located right on the coast, you’ll have easy access to the ocean for all-day relaxation.

Mount Martha is an ideal destination because it’s also close to all the action. You’re not far from Sorrento and Portsea, two popular beachside destinations at the tip of the Mornington Peninsula. Simply drive or hop on the 788 bus for easy access to and from Sorrento and the surrounding areas.

2. Stunning Beaches

Mount Martha beach is one of the most beautiful beaches. The small, tranquil beach is less than 2km long but is the perfect place to spend the day relaxing, especially when it’s not tourist season. You’ll find beautiful bathing boxes that add even more personality and character to the area.

Check out The Pillars to see some of the diverse beauty that the Mornington Peninsula has to offer. This beach is known for incredibly clear water and pebble beach. If you’re looking for a thrill this summer, this area is known for cliff diving.

3. An Outdoor Adventure

If you’re still looking for a fun, relaxing outdoor adventure after you’re done with the beach, head up to the Mt. Martha Cliff Top Walk. This roughly 5km walking path takes you to the top of Mt. Martha, where you can see virtually the entire bay. Take your four-legged friends on this pet-friendly trail that’s enjoyable year-round.

Step back in time by visiting The Briars. This recreated 19th-century estate has vast grounds and informational tours that teach you the history of the area. Tour a historically-accurate home and explore the gardens, wildlife sanctuary, and woodlands.

4. Incredible Restaurants

Mount Martha has some great local restaurants as well as only being a short drive from some of the Peninsula's top restaurants and wineries. Volpino Pizzeria and Wine Bar is a fun, laid-back restaurant that blends sophistication with a cafe-like experience. Choose from a wide range of small plates and wines from the area.

For a high-end dining experience, check out Port Phillip Estate. This world-class restaurant serves contemporary food and was recently named winery of the year. Port Phillip Estate is the perfect destination for a romantic dinner date.

Yabby Lake Vineyard is a stunning vineyard with its own restaurant, Yabby Lake Cellar Door. The seating is next to floor-to-ceiling tall windows that overlook the vineyard grounds, and the menu is robust and elegant, and you’ll be able to pair your meal with a local wine from Yabby Lake Vineyard.

5. Beautiful Accommodation Through Holiday Shacks

No summer holiday would be complete without a beautiful accommodation in Mount Martha. Holiday Shacks offers high-end, luxury villas that are perfect for a summer getaway. Book your holiday shack today and don’t forget to add a pampering package to complete your perfect summer holiday. For more booking information, contact the team at Holiday Shacks today.

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