Best Winter Beaches

2018-06-13 05:11:16

Best Winter Beaches


Summer may be over for another year, but if you're a beach lover who gets the blues when the weather turns chilly in Melbourne there is still plenty to do on the Peninsula beaches during these cooler months. With over 160km of coastline, the Mornington Peninsula has many beaches each with their own charm and beauty that can be enjoyed in so many ways.  

Swimming may be out for all but the very brave, but there are so many advantages to visiting at this time of the year.  Firstly there are no crowds and you may be lucky enough to have the beach all to yourself.  What better way to spend a winter day than an exhilarating walk in a bracing breeze with the waves crashing nearby.

Portsea Back Beach

One of our favourite winter beach activities is beach combing and fossicking amongst the rocks.  You can find shells and sea creatures left behind when the tide goes out.  Our favourite beach for this is Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary at Flinders.  The sanctuary encompasses Mushroom Reef and extends offshore to the south for approximately one kilometre.  Low tide exposes a huge mushroom-shaped platform with a line of cobbles stretching out to sea, forming the stalk of the mushroom.  The rock pools provide a wonderful opportunity to explore and learn about the amazing diversity of Victoria's marine life.  Young children can explore the wonderful creatures that live along the rocky shores and rock pools. Remember to keep a close eye on children climbing on rocks and teach them about the dangers that can lurk in rock pools such as blue ringed octopus.

Point Leo Surf Beach and Sorrento Back Beach are other great beaches to explore the rocks.  Point Leo is one of the Mornington Peninsula's famous surf beaches.  Point Leo Foreshore and surrounding beaches provides excellent waves for surfing with breaks for beginners and experienced surfers, and is also a prime spot for leisure and fishing.

Another fun activity that is also great exercise is climbing up sand dunes.  The views from the top are often incredible and the kids will love rolling down the face of the dune.

Don't forget for the kids there is always sand castle building and sand sculpting.  Any of the bay beaches are great for sand construction so bring along a bucket and spade.

For couples outings there is something very romantic about cuddling under a blanket on a windswept beach watching the waves on your very own deserted stretch of sand.  Find a cosy spot with a cliff or sand dune for protection from the wind or take a walk along one of the many peninsula walking trails leading the hidden beaches. 

If you are a keen photographer the beach at Winter is great for striking images.  Dramatic stormy skies and wild seas create a striking backdrop. Sorrento back beach is a photographer's dream with its interesting cliff and rock formations.  If you are searching for stunning scenery you would be hard pushed to find better than the beautiful Cape Schanck and Bushranger's Bay.  The beautiful Bushranger’s Bay comprises a sandy beach surrounded by basalt cliffs. This serene location is contrasted by dark and brooding headlands and wild waves that often crash onto jagged rocks guarding the entrance to the bay (as a result, swimming is not recommended at this site as the beach is unpatrolled).

Photo Credits -  Danka Simic

Other cool ideas for beach fun in the cooler months include fishing, kite flying, beach volleyball and beach cricket.  These can be enjoyed at any of the Peninsula's stunning beaches

So rug up and experience the thrill of seeing the Peninsula beaches at their wildest.  Afterwards take in one of the many wonderful cafes and restaurants and enjoy a hot chocolate to warm up.

Holiday Shacks have many wonderful winter properties, with spas and fireplaces that make the perfect Winter weekend away.  Take advantage of our Winter Special Deals.

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