5 Hidden Treasures to Discover on the Mornington Peninsula

2018-04-06 05:43:09

5 Hidden Treasures to Discover on the Mornington Peninsula

5 Hidden Treasures to Discover on the Mornington Peninsula

From the beautiful sandy beaches to the rugged wilderness, the Mornington Peninsula is made of beautiful, eye-catching scenery that will leave a lasting impression on any visitor. It lies 40 kilometres South East of Melbourne, and it is hosts some the most scenic beaches, bushlands and beautiful walks. Here are some of the five hidden treasures to discover on the Mornington Peninsula.

Gunnamatta Ocean Beach, Fingal, Victoria

Lies between Cape Schanck and Point Nepean. It is a beautiful long stretch of translucent water and white sandy beach and is the most popular surf beach on the Mornington Peninsula with beautiful waters and consistent high swells. Regular patrols are conducted on the beach to ensure the safety of visitors and more especially during school holidays and the summer holidays. Gunnamatta Ocean Beach presents a spectacular opportunity for any visitor to capture the sunrise and sunset from any point along this crisp, clean beach.

Phaedrus Estate 

Located in Moorooduc, this is where you will find tasty wine served in the cellar door by winemakers Maitena and Ewen. Engage with Maitena and Ewen and you will discover that they have gained much knowledge on their locally grown, harvested winery. They are always ready to share and interact with visitors without considering whether you are an experienced wine taster or novice. They will take you through their journey in wine-making and the peculiarity of their Phaedrus terroir.

Fingal Picnic Area

Is located near basalt cliffs and the nearby Fingal Beach. The Fingal Picnic Area provides a shaded solitary, resting spot allowing visitors to enjoy the scenic views of Fingal Beach. The picnic site offers well equipped electric barbecues, picnic tables, and restrooms. The site presents an excellent opportunity for families who would wish to go for a family day out in a tranquil area filled with nature and lush greenery environment that blends well with a coastal touch. The site can be enjoyed by taking a walk through the scrub-lands.

Peninsula Fresh Organics

Peninsula Fresh Organics in Baxter is a farm in the Mornington Peninsula specialising in fresh organic vegetables. If you love certified organic produce, you must come here! Usually, they open on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, they also specialise in heirloom/heritage vegetables. As a tip try their carrots and heirloom beetroot - you will love them.

Dromana Estate 

Located in a heritage listed Tuerong Homestead, the neighbouring parkland gardens were created by Edna Walling. There is a restaurant on site serving an informal lunch option.  At any one time, there are twelve different types of wines made here, and 6-7 are offered for tasting. The Halliday Wine Companion rewarded their Pinot 4.5 stars - they are especially proud of this great achievement.  Another exceptional taste would be their Ascuitto which is a fortified wine made from air-dried grapes.

The twisting roads of the Mornington Peninsula entrust themselves to secrets. There is always another path around the corner and something unique to explore over the next hill. There is always perpetually something astounding that you will discover when you visit the Mornington Peninsula.

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