When is the Best Time to Book Your Luxury Accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula

2018-03-21 05:26:11

When is the Best Time to Book Your Luxury Accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula

Booking your Accommodation

To ensure you can confirm your holiday rental of choice, it is important to do your research around 100 days before you travel and consider the prices. If your preferred luxury accommodation starts booking up, make sure you book it as soon as possible to avoid disappointment with unavailability.  As always, it is essential to book your luxury accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula early enough to avoid the rush and avoid missing out altogether. Booking your accommodation early may also earn you the opportunity to request special inclusions at the time of booking.

If you intend to avoid the gamble and gain great value, it is advisable to book your accommodation between 100 days out and up to 14 days before you travel. Most rates are relatively static at this time. Visitors who are not too serious on a specific holiday rental on the Peninsula may wait for three to four days before travelling to book their accommodation since some accommodation at this time will have more affordable rates. Visitors are also advised not to delay their booking until 1 or 2 days before travel as holiday rentals are firm on retaining their advertised rates knowing that anyone trying to book will need a holiday house and that overwhelming sense of urgency may eat on your budget. 

Booking your accommodation between 14 and 10 days before your travel may also be expensive since the accommodation managers know that last minute travelers are looking forward to securing their holiday plans. All luxury hotels and holiday rentals on the Mornington Peninsula have their peak periods which are dictated by public holidays, festivals and events or even weather. Even if you are travelling over a three day period during a 7/14 night’s holiday, you must consider an increase in the local visitors over public holidays since this may cause soaring of accommodation prices. 

Like any other destination, booking your accommodation at the Mornington Peninsula away from peak periods will naturally be a cheaper option. If you do not have enough time to monitor holiday rental accommodation prices, you can sign up for alerts and guest newsletters that inform you by email when the prices start to drop. Newly listed or recently renovated holiday rental accommodation are also recommended for anyone looking for accommodation on the Peninsula since they tend to want to increase their business and are likely to be more available.

Peak period

Due to the long history of being a favourite holiday destination for residents of Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula popular tourism times are during Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years, the summer months and long weekends such as Labour Day Weekend (9-12 March), Queen's Birthday (the second weekend in June), AFL Grand Final (the last weekend in September) and Melbourne Cup Weekend (late October/Early November). December and January are considered to be the peak tourist period. A high number of local visitors come from around Victoria, NSW, Queensland and overseas at this time.

The Mornington Peninsula offers unmatched accommodation, stunning coastlines and scenic locations and breathtaking scenery. When you truly want to unwind, experience nature or enjoy delicious local cuisine and fine wine (particularly cool climate wine), then this will be your preferred destination.

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